I’ve been editing video since I was in Elementary School years and years ago. I learned on Final Cut 7, iMovie HD and iMovie. I was first fascinated by GarageBand and Photoshop and ultimately learned to love video editing. I knew from Jr. High I wanted to be an Editor working in the Film and Television Industry. I focused on film, photography, art, theater, and production classes from Jr. High all the way through College. I graduated with my BA in Communications with an emphasis in Film and TV Production and minored in Multimedia. In college I had multiple jobs on top of taking classes ranging from media services, filming sports, editing online lectures, and working on a Documentary. I interned at NBCUniversal as a Digital Video Intern my last semester of college and landed a full time Production Assistant job immediately after. I then started to edit segments, string out interviews, and be there go to Post Production helper. I am the teams Assistant Editor when the Editors are working on other tasks and some of my cuts have made it to full approval. On the side I’m a Wedding Videographer, Freelance Editor, and edit for Erin Lim’s Youtube Channel.